why dataworx?

Adding value is our forte and we live our client relationships with this principle. We believe that a value add transforms a business association into a lasting relationship. Hence, from the inception we have focussed on extending our service beyond the 'requirement specifications' in line with your needs. Our team is handpicked to creatively think and extend the ideas while encompassing a wide range of technical and domain expertise to realise your needs better.

contact info
  • Address: 203, RS Residency, Opp Tata Nagar
    Kodigehalli, Bengaluru - 560092, Karnataka, India
  • Regd. Address: 16/20, 2nd A Cross,
    Bhoopasandra, Bengaluru - 560094, India
  • Phone: +91 94807 66666 / +91 988 600 4567
  • Email: dataworx@dataworx.co.in

Application Development and Maintenance


dataworx partners with you in understanding your business objectives and vision, evaluate the information with a structured approach and then architect customized solutions that derive the most value, maximize applicability, agility, predictability, and availability, while achieving a faster response to market opportunities. dataworx offers solutions and custom applications with bespoke functionality or processes that are mission critical for business and enterprise that are capable of delivering RoI from your business idea; combined with requisite support.

The new web spreading across a range of devices promises uncharted reach every day, which while promising greater reach brings forth challenges of technology and more importantly, an ability to convert a business objective into a tangible solution that delivers the functionality. dataworx being technology agnostic, architects solutions with technology as a wrap-in and wrap-around the business ideas and objectives. Unless you have a specific technology in mind, we let the business requirements dictate the technology that we adopt.

dataworx delivers solutions that operate with speed, agility and scalability, while handling the current day needs of mobility, increased application/data security while driven by innovation and overall costs. We utilise technology the way it is meant to be, an enabler that optimises project output, timelines, deployment and business objectives. Whether the technology landscape is Web, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, eCommerce, dataworx has expertise in enabling web based solutions through new age architectures and technologies.

Web Design and Development


dataworx employs creative design blended with the use of smart technology that is put to use practically and tangibly, in this world of ubiquitous accessibility. dataworx delivers custom built websites for Personal, Photo Sharing, Community Building, Mobile Device, Blogs, Informational, Online Business Brochure/Catalog, Directory, E-commerce, open source/proprietary Content Management System (CMS) or any other. With a focus on understanding of the business need, creating a heightened user experience as well as generating a design that generates a unified brand experience dataworx works with the technology that can make the vision a reality and a user interface that delivers the envisioned user experience in the form of content and functionality.

With the advent of mobility and advancement of technology, there is an increased focus on being accessible on ever increasing set of devices, screens and integrated wearable gadgets. dataworx is capable of providing a seamless experience in the form of responsive and/or native business commensurate solutions. dataworx with its extensive experience in various verticals has the wherewithal to understand the process and delivering solutions that realise the idea, in the way it is best done. We at dataworx work with the business idea as the central theme, with you defining the business needs, us learning from you and we guiding where we can. We then blend technical expertise with creativity for delivering websites that are designed to make an impression with user-friendly, usability-focused designs supported by latest technologies.