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Adding value is our forte and we live our client relationships with this principle. We believe that a value add transforms a business association into a lasting relationship. Hence, from the inception we have focussed on extending our service beyond the 'requirement specifications' in line with your needs. Our team is handpicked to creatively think and extend the ideas while encompassing a wide range of technical and domain expertise to realise your needs better.

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Software Testing Services

for companies that develop, purchase, use and/or evaluate software.

A well featured application in the market place can only be successful when reliability and usability are its hallmarks. Planning and commencing the testing activities are the first step of development of a software solution / product where the software specifications and requirements are validated and verified before and while the software is getting designed or developed. Organisations wouldn’t be budgeting upwards of 10% annually and soemtimes as high as 70% of total costs during the life time of software towards fixing core application issues and software, if not for the problems arising out of insufficient testing. IT applications being ubiquitous and central contributors to the functioning and effective management of business objectives bring forth a need for organisations to ensure round the clock functioning and availability with robust quality and enhanced performance.

dataworx provides the services of experts who assess and advise on various aspects of your software testing process, practice, management, effectiveness and/or objectives in addition to the expertise that your team needs to accelerate and/or increase the efficacy. We believe in context-driven testing that focusses on what is best and not a set of "Ideal Best Practices" that may or may not apply to your particular situation. Wherever we can, we believe we should start adding value on day one. dataworx with its reliable and proficient software testing services ensures comprehensive advantages for both developers and end users impacting the overall cost, dependability, performance, security, and scalability of an application.

Our practical and functional approach towards software evaluation, test execution, monitoring, management, experience in a wide variety of testing scenarios & domains, and a comprehensive test coverage makes it possible for software to meet delivery expectations. dataworx uses cutting-edge tools, technologies and methodologies coupled with in-house frameworks for defect identification efficiency through efficacious checking from the early phases of the project for comprehensive test coverage. In conjunction with predictable, reliable, repeatable, and optimized test execution models dataworx generates results with >95% test efficiency and up to 60% productivity gains in test effort while SLA-driven testing execution model (TaaS) results in cost advantage that help you stay ahead of the error curve with an accelerated time to market.

testing services

  • software evaluation
  • test process consulting
  • functional / system
  • regression
  • non-functional performance/security/compatibility...
  • mobile applications
  • agile
  • API
  • big data
  • migration
  • TaaS (Testing-as-a-Service) SLA driven test execution model
  • training educating and inspiring your team

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
~Henry Ford

Testing Services

A key element to ensure and enhance the quality of software is the Functional testing. dataworx as any other testing services provider translates functional requirements into executable test cases which then confirm the traceability back to the requirements, however our testing expertise combined with our RTM (Requirement Traceability Matrix) delivers distinctive insight into the requirement status and prevents the missing or incorrect functionality implementations, which is captured through Test Automation Tools. Our Framework based practices are flexible enough to conform to the industry wide norms.

dataworx helps to ensure the functionality, reliability and stability of the software applications/products before it enters the production phase by providing measures for correctness, reliability, usability, integrity and conformity by building a unified process, ensuring consistent quality and improved go to market parameters.

Conventional testing approach is time consuming whereas automation allows faster test cycles of repetitive events. What one needs is a practical mix that factors in some allowance for real-world conditions in functional testing. There is no substitute for actually testing in the real world. There will be things that can’t adequately be emulated with automation. Relying heavily on scripted functional testing alone could be missing factors that exploratory testing can unveil. dataworx works with you to achieve the appropriate mix that works for you.

Functional Testing

System Testing and Integration Testing though distinct as phases, are planned together at dataworx to have a holistic picture of the interaction of two or more components to produce results that satisfy the functional requirement while confirming that the application functionality check is performed in an integrated environment by way of rigorous module testing and extensive interaction with external systems. dataworx, for integration testing, develops test cases with the precise purpose of exercising the interfaces of the components as well as the System. Testing is conducted on the complete integrated system and on a replicated production environment and we also evaluate the compliance of that system with specific functional and non-functional requirements.

dataworx ensures that the software / product executes as desired across a planned set of user/client environments. Browser, OS and device proliferation has mandated organizations to check bug free operability across platforms. Functionality across ‘all’ platform combinations while ideal, is however constrained with the time to market, budget and resource availability.

dataworx with its end-to-end manual & automated regression testing creates reliable, repeatable verification of every release which in addition to being significantly important, is a key to successful integration testing. dataworx employs testing of a sub set of conditions in the form of test cases which while enabling us to identify impacted functionalities, effectively contribute to the confidence that any enhancements, fixes, configuration changes, upgrades etc. dataworx runs optimized regression testing through risk assessment, impact assessment and prioritization to ensure maximum coverage at a minimal cost that are an optimal balance between test selection and fault detection.

While this segment reflects both in the functional as well as non-functional testing, it is with the awareness that usability testing is the crossover between visual design & functionality as well as the interaction design, that dataworx measures the tangible functionality of the elements as also the user’s ease of handling and experiencing the product/portal starting during the ideation stage till support while engaging stakeholders and users with the right product features integrated during the development phase.

While the UI testing involves analysing application handling of keyboard and mouse events, reaction to user input of GUI components like menu bars, toolbars, dialogs, buttons, edit fields, list controls, images etc. and whether or not they perform in the desired manner early in the software development cycle that speeds up development improves quality and reduces risks towards the end of the cycle.

Usability testing looks at the user comfort with the application/website according to the flow, speed, content, navigation and layout – especially in contrast to comparable applications. Usability testing is a very wide area of testing that needs an understanding of the user profile in addition to a creative thought line. dataworx offers a balance unique to your product of both manual as well as automated testing.

With an ever increasing number of software applications taking over the processes, there is a tremendous focus on testing the product with the end users are coming to completely rely on them. However, a majority of the teams utilising test activities still do not consider the non-functional testing very important. Defining what is expected from the application for performance, usability, security and other attributes is difficult. dataworx encourages and participates in the plan for implementing a majority of the non-functional attribute requirements during the system architecture design, because they are most often architecturally centric.

The rapid pace of continuous delivery, coupled with a relatively robust process for testing in production, creates a compelling excuse not to stop and think about non-functional requirements. With an approach of “As long as it is only briefly, it is fine for the user to see something that isn’t quite right”, there is the potential of losing customers as well as business reputation and trust on account of non-functional flaws. Meeting the marketability specifications of a software solution/product is complete only when the test of both functional compliance and the non-functional quality attribute testing are met.

Non-functional testing with checking the way a system works, puts the system into a non-measurable perspective, testing aspects such as scalability, load, stress, security, disaster management and the like. dataworx checks the system readiness to tackle all unpredicted situations, truly demonstrating the Quality of the software keeping in mind User Experience as the focus. As opposed to functional testing, non-functional testing involves a significant amount of automation for a lot of the attributes but also some segments which are better tested and analysed by a conventional testing approach. dataworx builds a practical mix that factors in some allowance for real-world needs.

Non Functional Testing

dataworx offers Test Advisory Services to give a shape & direction to your quality assurance endeavour. Your software solution / product is evaluated from the design stage and benchmarked with the existing quality measures to recognise areas that need improvement in comparison to industry guidelines. Our team collaborates with you at any or all of the stages in the lifecycle in identifying and ranking the processes for enhancements. Our talent pool, an understanding of established strategies and services across industry verticals and strategic assessment structure helps in developing customized quality assurance plans and competences that are flexible to your dynamic needs by means of procedures, technology, methodology and skilled personnel.

In the absence of a clear path of the policy, strategy and plan for testing, development teams struggle to deliver on time, within budget, to scope and within the risk profile and quality attributes. dataworx partners with you to set your policy focussed on quality, which in turn enables an understand that drives the “WHAT” contained within the Strategy and the “HOW” outlined within the plan. dataworx testing advisory seeks to address several challenges. Our advisory services are designed upon a comprehensive software testing expertise coupled with varied industry experience. building efficient and scalable testing processes that support different types of testing is a challenging task. Experienced test advisory consultants help prganisations understand, assess, plan and execute customised practices with streamlined methodology and strategy

Test Advisory Consulting

When software applications are the backbone of business; Application quality is the key differentiator. dataworx offers an optimal & relevant mix of manual as well as automated testing services enable you to deliver and derive business value.

Automation Testing

our experience is all you need

Every time software code is modified, it needs testing in entirety, be it repetitive or otherwise, to ensure quality. Traditionally even the repetitive tasks have been done manually but with increasing codebase and functionality, manual testing is laborious, inefficient and therefore expensive for such activities. With automation of repetitive test cases that cover testing of core business processes, cutting costs, faster turnarounds and reduced testing timeframes is possible with automation testing. dataworx test automation services combines multiple automation components for end-to-end test automation:

With an inhouse expertise in implementing and utilising open source tools dataworx puts to use the latest tools to add value to the testing environment. The current selection includes in amongst many

  • Selenium
  • TestNG
  • BDD - Cucumber
  • Appium - for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android platforms
  • Gatling, Jmeter - performance monitoring
  • Grabber, Wapiti, SkipFish - for security
  • Galen Framework - for layout UI
  • SauceLabs - cross browser platform testing
  • TestLink - test management tool
  • Mantis/ Bugzilla - bug tracking tool

Inhouse Automation Tools

  • API framework - to validate end to end api flow
  • Hybrid BDD driven framework to perform functional testing

Test Management Tool

With exclusive expertise that offers timely and cost-effective software test management services, dataworx provides an inhouse test management tool that manages tasks right from requirement to software release in a timely manner. Our standardised assessment and real-time test management headed by dedicated teams allows us to develop a customized approach, implement the best test strategy, thus ensuring a lifecyle to achieve compliance with the requirements. Some of the features of the tool are:

  • Integration
  • Quick answers
  • Real-time insight
  • Import testcases
  • Monitoring & Management
  • Productivity
  • Export Test Cases

Inhouse Test Framework

We have in-house test automation frameworks that are data driven, keyword driven and use Behaviour Driven Development that have successfully been used to automate several customer projects and helped our customers achieve an increased automation percentage and savings on testing efforts. In addition, we use a wide range of industry‑standard testing tools that leverage established methodologies.

we truly care about our service and its impact on the client business.